Full-Circle Founder’s Story: From Affordable Housing Resident to Impact Investor

Domos founder Daniel Alexander sitting at a conference table with other people

Domos was created because we believed real estate investing could do more than just generate returns.

Our unique strategy focuses not only on helping investors build wealth, but also on creating powerful gains for the communities in which we live, work, and invest. We do this by investing in high-quality, attainable housing, by fostering community with co-living spaces, and by giving back through our social impact programs

To help you better understand why we’re so passionate about bettering the communities we invest in, here’s a message from our Co-founder and Principal, Daniel Alexander:

I was born into very humble beginnings, in a place where safe, suitable, and inspiring housing was not always accessible. 

By the time I was approaching graduation from UCLA, I had grown up and discovered my strengths, character, and ingenuity. I knew that housing was once again going to be a significant area of concern for me when I left college; so I turned my abilities toward solving that issue for myself — and for as many others as I could — in one of the most expensive cities in the world: Los Angeles. 

That passion for providing inspiring and affordable living spaces has remained a driving factor throughout my career, and in the past several decades of working in this space, I’ve learned that housing needs are complex and continually evolving.

Domos founder Daniel Alexander speaking on a panel with 3 other people

For some, the search for housing is the center of their universe, driving every other decision they make. But when someone finds safe, affordable, and quality housing — especially within the context of a strong and supportive community — that space can serve as a launching pad for the rest of their life’s journey. 

At Domos, our team’s innovative approach — and our passion for creating options that exceed the status quo — allows us to provide people with that strong foundation, at a price point that’s within reach for people who might otherwise struggle to find quality housing.

See how we turned a distressed multifamily asset into a student haven.

We’ve improved tens of thousands of lives, and we’re not done growing yet. In fact, we’re striving to become the model company for housing everyone from society’s most vulnerable to the newly up-and-coming. We understand the multitude of ways people use space today, and we’re committed to providing the solutions they’re looking for to help them live their best experiences. 

To learn more about how we’re creating a positive impact, while also generating positive returns for accredited investors, fill out this brief form to get in touch with a member of our team.