a better way to invest


Alternative investments backed by rental income. A better way to invest in real estate.

Nectar is unlocking access to high yield, alternative real estate investments traditionally reserved for institutions. Earn over 15% annualized returns from quarterly distributions with as little as $1,000 to get started.

how it works


We create innovative economic units, or pods, backed by the cash flow generated from rental arbitrage operators in the coliving, short term rental, self-storage and covered parking space.

A pod is a single economic unit that is generating this stream of income from optimizing inefficiently utilized space. We pool multiple pods into a pass-through entity and sell shares of this entity.

We capture the benefits of inefficiently utilized living spaces, parking spaces and storage units that have been transformed into a commodity which we call a Pod – an innovative economic unit that is backed by rental cash flow.

Unique Access

Invest in the most profitable usage innovations in the real estate market


Protect your principal with investments backed by stable, recurring, rental cash flows

Stable Returns

Generate passive, quarterly income and hedge against market volatility with fully amortizing investments

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